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Uğurluoğlu Tekstil, founded in 1982 by İrfan Uğurluoğlu, is a weaving factory specialized in the textile industry for 39 years.
Over the years, it has continued to develop by weaving the most up-to-date and trendy fabrics by following the world and environmental factors. The majority of the current product range consists of men/women suiting fabrics.
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It produces plaid, plain, striped and dobby suit (jacket, trousers, skirt, business casual suits) polyviscon woven fabrics, from the thinnest to the thickest, from 130 gr/m2 to 500 gr/m2. For 40 years, it continues its sustainability with the aim of reaching more buyers by improving its exports and customer portfolio.
Uğurluoğlu Tekstil offers a stand-alone or fully integrated fabric design, weaving and coating service, integrating its manufacturing capabilities with a full range of textile expertise.

On the basis of this, it works with the ability to offer an integrated production process that allows us to develop a final product from a high quality fabric, among the performance characteristics that fully meet the requirements of our customers.
Uğurluoğlu designs high-performance fabrics to meet complex specifications in various markets, develops prototypes for new uses, or improves and refines existing properties for specific textile applications.

It works closely with you as your textile development partner, acting as a vital resource to help provide a structured approach to the design of fabric components in your products or processes.
We have an in-house laboratory and testing facilities within the textile industry to support our research and development.

Every fabric we manufacture is rigorously tested for our customers, giving us the assurance and peace of mind that they are manufactured within strict manufacturing tolerances and will perform consistently to exceptionally high standards.

Our testing regimen is intense and undergoes a wide variety of industry standard testing procedures.
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We envision a global textile industry that protects and restores the environment and improves lives.

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